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Thursday, 31 March 2011

LITA ZHU Pretty Teacher In China

Elementary school teacher called China’s sexiest female teacher

Flipping the traditional image on its head, fashionably and sexily dressed with a lithe and graceful body and sweet face, Jiangsu elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua has been named “China’s sexiest female teacher” by netizens. In early September, while appearing on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s “Happy Night” program’s “My teacher is special” segment, she caused a stir, with the male special guest immediately shouting “pretty/good-looking”, and even the male host Peng Yu unable to hide a shy expression.

Zhu Songhua is No. 1 Primary School Attached to Jiangsu Nantong’s 3rd grade language teacher and tutor. With regards to the her teaching profession, Zhu Songhua said on the show, “there are no bad students, only bad teachers, when I encounter a naughty child, I will patiently guide/teach.” With such remarks full of caring and patience, no wonder netizens have said “Encountering this kind of teacher, I hope I never graduate!”

Zhu Songhua is 30-years-old this year, unmarried, 168cm tall, weighs 50kg, and her measurements are 34, 26, 34.

Indeed very gorgeous/glamorous, and I bet the children all like attending her class. However, are the children in the class listening to the lesson or just staring at her?

Ayesha Takia ForEver

Seated in the green room of photographer Vicky Idnani’s studio, touching up her make-up for a photo shoot, the 23-year-old actor laughs, “Seriously, being married makes me realise we should have done this the very first day we met. I recommend it to everyone. Takia and restaurateur Farhan Azmi dated for five years before they finally tied the knot. While many in Bollywood dated, broke up and found new love, Azmi and Takia went about town, professing their love for each other. “We got into the relationship knowing well that we would get married,” she says. There have been rumours that the daughter-in-law of a political family — Farhan’s father Abu Azmi is a Samajwadi Party MP — would not return to the glamour world, but Takia is now shooting for Revathy S Sharma’s untitled film.
She is still virginal in certain matters, though. The actor has maintained that, marriage or not, she won’t kiss onscreen nor will she wear a bikini But in times like these when bikinis make the fortunes of top actors, why the fuss? “I’ve been brought up to believe it is my work that matters. And if the directors feel I am asking for too much, they are free to approach other actors. One of her career’s greatest ironies is that while her performances have received a slew of awards, none of her films has been a hit. “Of course, I would like my films to do well, but I am pretty used to them doing average business. It would be an insult if they ran down my performance,” she says.

Lauren Budd Looking Stunning And Hot

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Monday, 28 March 2011

The Worst Beach in the World

What a comfort! Jump out of airplane in a few meters from the ground, namely jump right into the sea… and annual leave already starting! WOW! It’s very practical! Bags leave in the plane. However, they may have to wait at the airport. It is so close. It is important to take good ransom and enjoy the benefits of summer vacation. Albeit a little loud holiday. But who cares. :)
the worst beach in the world01
We found this beach on wikipedia, and here is what wikipedia have to say about this very noisy beach:
Maho Beach is a beach situated in St Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, on the Dutch side of the island. The location is known worldwide because of the Princess Juliana International Airport that is situated immediately adjacent to the beach.
the worst beach in the world02
Incoming air traffic is known to have to touch down as close as possible to the beginning of runway 10 due to the short runway length of 2,180 metres/7,152 ft, resulting in low-flying aircraft on their final approach over the beach. Due to these low flying airplanes (including large passenger airliners such as the Boeing 747), the location is very popular with plane spotters.
the worst beach in the world03
People standing on the beach may also be blown into the water because of the jet blast from aircraft taking off from runway 10. The beach can also experience large waves which makes it popular with windsurfers and skimboarders. The local government warns that closely approaching and departing aircraft can “result in serious injury and/or death.” An additional fence has been added recently behind runway 10 to prevent irresponsible tourists from hanging on to the main fence surrounding the runway to be “blasted” by the aircraft engines’ flow.
the worst beach in the world04
As of 2008, it is one of the few places in the world where one can view aircraft in their flightpath virtually just outside the end of the runway. Watching airplanes over the beach is such a popular activity that daily arrivals and departures airline timetables are displayed on a board in most bars and restaurants on the beach, and the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill has a speaker on its outside deck that broadcasts the radio transmissions between pilots and the airport’s control tower. Sign warning passers-by about the risks of jet blast.
the worst beach in the world05
The beach itself is white sand and has little to no vegetation because of the jet blast erosion. The Caravanserai Resort, the popular Sunset Beach Bar and other restaurants/night clubs such as Bamboo Bernies and Bliss are located nearby.
the worst beach in the world06
On October 16, 2008, the Maho area of St. Maarten suffered a direct hit from Hurricane Omar and destroyed the Sunset Bar and Grill while also destroying Bamboo Bernies and Bliss. As of November 2009, Sunset Beach Bar and Grill and Bliss have both re-opened. Omar reduced the beach to boulders, and damaged the nearby Royal Islander Club La Plage which re-opened February 14, 2009.
the worst beach in the world07
Runway 10/28 was originally runway 09/27 which was changed as a result of geomagnetic alterations since the original construction. This change occurred on November 1, 2008.
the worst beach in the world08
the worst beach in the world09
the worst beach in the world10
the worst beach in the world12
the worst beach in the world13
the worst beach in the world14
the worst beach in the world15
the worst beach in the world16
the worst beach in the world17
the worst beach in the world18