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Friday, 22 April 2011

Photography by Joshua Pestka

New York fashion photographer Joshua Pestka has been in business for about 6 years but only now has begun to promote itself and its work. He says about his inspiration: "I was inspired by all that experience I think most of the time, photography is an extension of creativity of course we see every day a backlight children, 9 .. poultry, a painting on a glass wall outside the gallery, random shapes the appearance of the shadows, illuminated by light reflected ... I see every day, and what strikes me. I bring with me to this film.

Now he just made music for various publications, but work is under way, and I'll keep you posted. But first, Joshua Ben Trovato blog has provided a unique story, "Pretty Petal" Lisa Porter Muse New York City! This, plus a collection of some of his other works. Have fun!

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